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About Us

The master motivator Zig Ziglar once said:

"You Can Have Everything In Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want."

Hello and Welcome!!

I'm Roger Douglass, (1 Dollar Roger) - originator of this TEAM Build website! I am "Admin" or "Support" - and I am able to answer questions about this site and about this program we promote should you have any. But if you read this intro, most questions that you have will probably be addressed here or inside the site.

And please, you owe it to yourself to take just a few minutes and read who I am and what this site is about - you already got this far so you must be interested. And if after you spend the 10 minutes and determine this is not for you, then unsubscribe and move on to the next new "shiny" thing.

Here We Go!

You are about to embark upon a wonderful and "very affordable" business adventure. And if you've been working and failing on the net paying "money with no return, I know your anguish. This is not "that." This is a dedicated TEAM build where everyone (like members of a bee hive) grow one another's business...because it's the same business.

In fact, the way this program and site works, it benefits you greatly to promote your team as much if not more than to promote yourself. Of course, you can do just fine if you only promote yourself, but I have structured this site to encourage and incent you to promote your downline.

Yes We Are A Team!

We all put and receive PAID members from one another....we all Grow Together. No one is better than anyone else, and though some of us DO more than others, we all SHARE in those achievements, with the hope that it will stimulate the "ambition" of those that recruit JUST the minimum "1 new member-a-month" to help us grow faster and more solid and secure by recruiting MORE.

But to begin with, I know *exactly* why you are here because I came from the same place.

Why I Do This.

I tried this program and that one, jumped from one "shiny new" method to another and the only real money I ever made went to the people that had that "new shiny" product.

I spent at least 6 years following "the experts" that continued to do things for their own benefit, followed their lead, built their maling lists and put money in THEIR pocket.

I even spent $2000 to learn the "secret" from a top marketer only to find out he was selling what I thought was snake oil. His product was only a promise, a good sales funnel and some lame site that did not much of anything.

We Are NOT the "Next Shiny Thing".

Have you seen anything like that? Well this site is NOT that at all.

This site promotes a simle $1 per month business that ANYONE can afford. For about the cost of a pizza you can be a part of this for a WHOLE YEAR.

And you NEVER pay anything directly to this site at all!. Nothing...Nada...Zero! This site's whole purpose is to promote this $1 business. The only requirement is that you be in that $1 as a referal of someone who is already a member here. Easy enough for sure.

But Seriously...

Despite the fact that this is JUST a $1-a-month business, this is a Serious Business....and there is a LOT of Money to be Made by EVERYONE who Follows This Simple Lead and follows This Simple Strategy! You REALLY CAN be earning over $7,000 every month by this time next year, and perhaps even before that, simply by keeping your subscription ACTIVE and recruiting JUST 1 new member to our Team each month.

Those numbers are going to DOUBLE or more than DOUBLE every month when every member of our Team does JUST that much! So our primary mission is to help your team...this means help your team be successful.

This site is geared and focused to do just that - help your downline get what they want. And by doing so, we can get what we want if we help enough people to get what they want.

But it is easy to do. This site is built so that all you do is share the referal link. Everything else is done for you.

What Is Here For You?

Follow up email responder? Done for you! Upsell? Done for you! Custom squeeze pages? Done for you! Bitly link shortener integration? Done for you! Statistics? Done for you! We even have a customized rotator that you can earn FREE traffic just for reading the emails each day, entering weekly promo codes, or "Spin the Wheel" each day. (Think Wheel of Fortune.)

Even if you have other business ventures running, this is a fully "Done For You" system that you only need to send some of your current traffic efforts to your pages here and reap the benefits of a complete marketing system.

How Do You Send Me Traffic?

Well of course we have a direct Sales Page with 5 High Quality, Professionally Designed, High Conversion Squeeze Pages. Just pick the one you prefer and promote the custom URL we provide

But the best way to promote is our custom-built Rotator. Our rotator is designed to promote you and YOUR downline. Since you make the same amount of money when your downline gets a referal as you do when you get a personal referal, there is no financial difference. But by giving your downline a referal, it motivates them to also promote and keeps them "IN" the business. Once they get a downline, they are very reluctant to quit.

The rotator ONLY serves up your and your downline pages. It is NOT a general site-wide rotator but rather just for you and your downline so do NOT WORRY about sending your hits to someone else.

Also, when you promote your downline, you get more rotator hits yourself. More details are inside the site but you can earn extra Rotator hits the following ways:

  • For every 2 hits you send to the Rotator, you get 3 hits yourself from your upline.
  • Earn free Rotator hits every time you open an email from us.
  • Earn free Rotator hits by "Spin the Wheel" daily.
  • Earn free Rotator hits by logging in daily.
  • Earn free Rotator hits using weekly promo codes.
  • We give you 2,000 Hits just for joining the program!!
  • And more to come as we expand.

We send tens of thousands of hits to this rotator on a very regular basis - sometimes as much as 25,000 per day - so there is many, many opportunities for you and your downline to grow to incredible size.

But What Exactly Are We Promoting?

So what exactly is this business you ask?

Well the core business is a 3x matrix that builds month after month, again and again. It isn't a cycler but a true forced matrix that builds a residual income to $7,000 per month and even more.

I know, I know...some of you may be saying "Good grief...a matrix?!?" But in reality, this is the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing. If you are constantly promoting the next "new shiny" thing, you are starting from scratch each and every time. But the money is in the RESIDUAL payments.

Why Residual?

Simple question...where do you think Amazon makes most of it's money? From selling low-margin products? Not at all. They make most of their income from AWS (Amazon Web Services). And why do you think businesses like AT&T, Verison and T-Mobile are making so much money? Not from selling phones.

These companies make money each and every month from customers making monthly payments month after month...again and again. They sell once and make money every month afterwards.

That is the #1 REASON WHY A MATRIX is THE BEST BUSINESS MODEL in Internet Marketing. And this matrix in particular is so very affordable there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON at all you should not give it a try.

What Does It Cost Me?

The bottom-line cost for this program is ONLY $1 Per MONTH! There is a $2 membership fee and a $2 processing fee but if you enroll and pay for a full year, the cost is only $16 for the full year. So ask yourself where you can buy in on a $7,000+ per month business for just the cost of a pizza.

This is a MAJOR point for this business because, let's be totally honest here...everyone - I mean EVERYONE - can afford 1 Dollar, right? And being honest again here, if you don't want to spend 1 measley dollar to build your own business and set your own lifestyle, then this business is really not for you.

This Sounds Sketchy.

Believe me...I too was skeptical. Seems like a ponzi scheme like Amway or some best doubtful if it was even legal!

But I researched it and found out that this company has been in business for OVER 8 years and pays consistently every month. In fact they have NEVER missed a payment! And they are 100% absolutely legal and legit.

So Can I earn 6 Figures in 30 Days?

This is not a game, a ploy, a scam or anything false.....but rather a REAL income opportunity that WILL ABSOLUTELY work if you work it. It will NOT give you 6 figures in 30 days nor will it make you thinner or grow your hair back.

What it WILL give you is a system that absolutely works and is super affordable. And it will give you a residual income that will allow you to spend more time the way YOU want to spend it. It could allow you to upgrade your car or home. It could allow you to put your kids through college.

It could even give you a laptop lifestyle!

What's Next?

So, Right NOW be sure you have signed up for The1DollarThing and do it if you haven't already. To be sure, this is the easiest money-maker you will ever promote that gives long-lasting, residual income.

If you have already done that, get your Rotator link and start sharing it everywhere. You see the value in this program so I guarantee others will see the value as well.

Also, be sure to get FREE rotator hits for yourself by opening each email we send you, log into this site daily, Spin the Wheel and promote your downline.

Lastly be sure to consider the other Upsell products we support and integrate them into your Marketing Plan. These are already integrated into your login and will automatically promote them to your downline.

Let's Go Get 'Em

If you're "IN" and you haven't started yet, just fill out this simple registration form and follow the steps in side.

Roger Douglass (1 Dollar Roger)